Economic Freedom Fighters commander in chief, Julius Malema has stirred controversy again for supposedly saying that the ANC and his party should merge come 2019.

He made the suggestion during an interview on eNCA’s Checkpoint.

“Let me tell you, my imagination of 2019 says that the ANC goes below 50%, the EFF increases to 9 or 10% and the ANC needs the EFF, the DA needs the EFF,” Malema said.

“The first offer I’m going to give to the ANC is a merger – the EFF and the ANC must come together, and then we collapse the name ANC, we close Luthuli House, we go open the headquarters of this new party in Soweto,” he added.

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Malema said that the plan would be “to start afresh”.

“The merger will have to produce a unique leadership which will appeal to our people,” he said.

He emphasised that this would not be the EFF “joining” the ANC, but rather the establishment of a new party.


Some EFF members asked for clarification from the leader. However the party does not seem to have released a statement on the issue yet.