Patriotic Alliance General-Secretary and prominent businessman Kenny Kunene has explained his reasons for leaving the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), saying that its leader Julius Malema is a “Judas sellout” and that he hates whites.

Kunene, who was with the EFF during its founding, was speaking on SABC’s Morning Live show when he made the comments.

He started off by saying that Julius Sello Malema’s initials hint at him being a “Judas sellout”.

“His initials are J.S. I think Sello was supposed to be ‘sellout’ and J was supposed to be ‘Judas’,” Kunene said.

He added that he knows “for a fact” that some of Malema’s heroes include Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussein and other dictators.

He went on to say that Malema hates white people, something Kunene learned while he was part of the EFF.

“I know for sure that Julius’ hatred for white people is in his bone marrow because of the discussions we had, the conversations that we had.”

He accused Malema of refusing to recruit white people to the party because the EFF leader allegedly said that no white people will fight for economic freedom.

Other accusations included that Malema does not believe in Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

Kunene also challenged Malema to a public debate.

However Malema does not seem to have taken the bait.

“He must first get 20k national votes before he gets at least a mention from me not even a debate otherwise he remains irrelevant,Ok…,” Malema said on his Twitter account.

“Hahahahaha, no mention from me. Wa swa moloi [You’ll die witch],” he said in a later tweet.

While Kunene doesn’t have the votes, he did end up as the second top trend in Twitter in South Africa.

Several social media users have called on Malema to take up the invitation and debate Kunene.