The fearless MP  took a deadly step against the president of South Africa who is now at the mercy of The Economic Freedom Fighter EFF leader Julius Malema.

The EFF commander launched a fatal attack on president Jacob Zuma accusing the former  of disgracing parliament and dragging the rainbow nation into disrepute with his humongous atrocities and crimes.

Malema has now instituted a case against Zuma from appearing in parliament, saying he has rendered himself unfit to address the nation. The EFF leader had last week opposed Zuma of criminality, saying:

‘Are you proud that every time you come here, parliament degenerates because of your crimes’

These were the unsavoury words of Malema after the heated argument with the speaker against Zuma.

Malema warned that the president no longer possess the moral compass and credidility to address the parliament of any nation.

Having conspired with aliens  to ruin the lives and integrity of the very people who voted him to power.