The so called coalition between the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) seems to be crashing just at the time they needed to remain strong against the dwindling forces of the ruling ANC.

Julius Malema said that his party could no longer guarantee that it will vote with the Democratic Alliance.

Malema’s comment came after EFF’s boycott of municipal council meetings in DA-led metros which were sparked by the removal of Nelson Mandela Bay Deputy Mayor Mongameli Bobani of the United Democratic Movement through a motion of no confidence supported by the DA.

“We are not in a coalition with the DA, we have never been in a coalition with the DA. We are in a coalition with our people. If you respect our people, you will get our votes. You ill-treat our people, you disrespect them, you look down on them because you think you are a super political party, we will teach you a lesson. “We don’t care about these metros; whether the ANC takes them, whether the DA takes them, it’s none of our business.

“We will from time to time vote based on issues on the table [but] our vote for the DA is no longer guaranteed.” He said, adding that if the ANC put a solid proposal on the table, the EFF would vote for it.

However, Maimane likened the coalitions between his party with the EFF and UDM to marriage, saying they were not insurmountable

“Coalitions are like a marriage, you have a disagreement on one issue and that is the end of the marriage; it can’t be, you must engage. That is why we are open for dialogue, that’s why we are calling for dialogue,” said Maimane.

“I think we will continue to work, this is not an insurmountable issue, we will continue to work; we will continue delivering to the people.”

In reply to this, Malema said that there was no need to talk about a divorce because there was never a marriage between the two party.