Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema was left confused on Thursday after an announcement by the Malawian government that he had been banned from the country.

Grace Obama Chiuma, the country’s Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, issued a letter addressed to South African Airways to deny Malema entry into the country.

“Declaration of the underlisted persons as prohibited immigrants. Please take notice that in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 4 (1)(h) of the Immigrant Act, I declare the following persons to be prohibited immigrants to Malawi, namely;

“1. (Here put the full names of the persons and their particulars available : Saviour Chishimba, Julius Malema

“You are therefore directed to cause the appropriate notices to be prepared and disseminated to them and the relevant officers in order to restrict or refuse their entry in Malawi.”

Malema says he doesn’t even know why he has been banned from the country when he has never spoken badly about it.

“I never spoke good or bad about the government of #Malawi or the president of that country, but I’m told the government of #Malawi banned me.”

According to Malawi24, the two were banned following reports that they were scheduled to join former minister Moses Kumkuyu in a conference for the Transformation Alliance, which is a pressure group he founded.

Transformation Alliance was founded to fight against corruption and hold leaders to account. This was to be their first international conference, reports the publication.