As the State Of The Nations  Address dominate the country’s political space, pundits and most South Africans are deeply concerned about the recruitment of soldiers around the premises.

Here are some possible reasons:

5.The suspected public uproar could have triggered the authorities to beef up security before and during the exercise. However, it was widely speculated that more people are willing to grace the occasion to enable them air out their displeasure.

4. Another possible reason for this development is the growing concern on who takes up the the presidential seat after Jacob Zuma. Currently, there seem to be a fierce subtle preparation on who will take the reigns to government.

3. Yet another plausible cause is the possibility of opposition raising issues of crucial national concern.

2. Again some skeptics  feel the military restriction is borne out of the the growing insensitivity of government.

1. It appears the restriction might reduce the critical posture of journalist who are prepared to put the government on the spotlight in respect it’s responsibilities to the citizenry.