Disgraced, Grace Mugabe has given her own version of what transpired at a hotel in Sandton where she allegedly assaulted a young South African Model. Misses Mugabe claims SA model attacked her with knife: That she was only defending herself from sustaining injuries from her unprovoked sudden attack.

Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has denied assaulting South African model Gabriella Engels with an electric cable in a Johannesburg hotel suite last month, saying an “intoxicated and unhinged” Engels attacked her with a knife.

In a previously unreported 17 August deposition seen by Reuters, Mugabe countered 20-year-old Engels’ version, portraying herself as the victim after intervening on behalf of her adult sons Chatunga and Robert Junior who were “in trouble with a drunken young woman”.

The statement further said Grace Mugabe and 52 others are close contenders to replace her ailing husband as president of Zimbabwe.

According to Engels, an irate Mugabe burst into the room where she was waiting with two friends to meet Chatunga Mugabe on 13 August and started laying into her with an electric cable.

Photographs taken by her mother soon after the incident showed a gash to Engels’ forehead and head. She also had bruising on her thighs. In her deposition, Mugabe dismissed Engels’ version as “malicious allegations” and said she had been attacked after going to help her sons.

“She was worried about them and went to see them at their hotel suite,” the statement said. “Upon her arrival, Ms Engels, who was intoxicated and unhinged, attacked Dr Grace Mugabe with a knife after she was asked to leave the hotel.”

“Security was left with no other option but to remove Ms Engels from the hotel suite,” it continued.