Yesterday during the ANC policy conference, some former cabinet ministers were heckled and bullied by President Jacob Zuma supporters.

Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was heckled for rejecting the use of the phrase “white monopoly capital”.

Former Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom was targeted for speaking against constitutional amendments that would allow the expropriation of land without compensation.

While the ANC increasingly hints at land expropriation without compensation, the state is struggling to transfer more than 4 000 farms belonging to government.

Roelf Meyer, former politician and director of non-profit organisation In Transformation Initiative (ITI), said its research division shows government owns 4 323 farming units, which include smallholdings and bigger farms.

According to Meyer, it doesn’t make sense to expropriate more farms if government does not have the capacity to transfer the farms already bought to future farmers. They claim to buy this farms for farmers but they end up using them.

Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Groenewald on Friday said in Parliament that only one in 10 title deeds bought for land reform has been transferred to new owners. He claimed 90% of the title deeds remain in the hands of government.

“The state owns this land. Why doesn’t government transfer this land to their new owners? It’s not done because it fits the ANC’s political agenda,” Groenewald said.