The City of Johannesburg’s new executive mayor‚  Herman Mashaba‚ says the awarding of tenders in Joburg will soon be transparent and open to public scrutiny.

“This is a first for the City of Joburg.

“The days of important decisions relating to the use of public money being made behind closed doors‚ where corruption is able to raise its ugly head‚ is coming to an end‚” he said on Wednesday.

The mayor said he had written to the City Manager‚ Trevor Fowler‚ instructing him to start the process of amending the City’s Supply Chain Management Policy to allow for the bid adjudication committee‚ executive adjudication committee‚ intermediate adjudication committee and central adjudication committee to be open to the public.

“These are the crucial stages at which a tender is assessed and adjudicated on its merits and awarded to the best applicant.”

The amended Supply Chain Management Policy will appear before the sitting of Council on 27 October for a vote.

Mashaba said: “A vote against this amendment will be a vote in favour of corruption. The residents of this City have suffered for too long under previous administrations which have abused their trust and stolen their money.

“. ..No longer will the politically connected be receiving tenders with their sole responsibility being to sub-tender to smaller parties while lining their own pockets.

“Opening up the competitive bidding process to members of the public would be in line with the principles of transparency and fairness‚ as enshrined in our Constitution.

“It will also encourage the growth and development of small businesses‚ who in the past never stood a chance‚ because they were not part of the politically connected elite.”