The Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema’s health seem to be deteriorating day by day. His unexplained weight loss has left many South African worrying what could be actually be wrong with the CIC.

His health seems to be embarrassing him more and more. There are strong speculations that Malema does not take doctor’s orders seriously.

Apparently his doctor told him to take a break and focus on his health and take his medication accordingly.

Malema’s lates health issues occured in Polokwane during a small EFF gathering.

Malema started coughing seriously and at some point, he coughed out blood. According to experts, these are the symptoms of HIV related illnesses namely TB.

Early last year Malema dropped HIV medication during the party meeting and everyone assumed he is HIV positive.

”Him being sick right now means he might not be taking his pills, he’s probably in denial and it’s not good,” said one concerned EFF member who said she lost a relative cause he refused to take medication.

Malema is currently in his home under the supervision of his doctor.

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