The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)  on monday told its councillors to hand over half their salaries for the next three months to recover money spent during the local government elections. This was revealed in a statement made by their party leader Julius Malema.


”Those who refuse to hand in more than than half of their salaries would be stealing from the organisation and would be dealt with decisively”,  Malema told reporters.  He was briefing the Press  on resolutions the party’s leadership took over the weekend.


The EFF’s 826 councillors needed to repay the party for campaigning for the elections.


“You had your faces on the posters, you had T-shirts, and you had all types of support. Where do you think that money came from?”

He wanted to demonstrate to the country that the EFF was not funded by outsiders.


“Our party is supported and financed by its own members,” Malema said.


Mpumalanga provincial secretary had been already expelled after he refused to comply.


“When we went to deduct the money from his account, he went back to the bank and reversed that transaction. It is an open clear defiance of the organisation,” he said.


The party would release the names of those who stilled owed the party money next week.