The President has been in and out of courts severally trying to clear his name on numerous charges that has been tabled against him for some time.

President Zuma’s 783 charges have consumed over R30 million of taxpayers’ money. This is according to the Democratic Alliance (DA) party.

According to Mmusi Maimane’s party, the President’s delay tactics on the  Spy-tapes case “have cost the taxpayers upwards of R30 million.”

Acknowledging the possibility of the President indulging in further delaying tactics so as to escape prosecution, the party expressed the need for Mr. Zuma to be held personally liable for the cost of the entire Spy-tapes saga.

“Zuma must cover the costs of the entire Spy Tapes case. (We have) spent approximately R10 million on fighting to ensure Jacob Zuma gets his day in court and faces up to the 783 charges of corruption, fraud, money-laundering, and racketeering.

“While we believe it has been worth every cent and will certainly continue to fight to ensure Mr. Zuma has his day in court, the fact is that millions have been spent, funded by the taxpayer, to draw this case out over almost eight and a half years,” stated DA.

The DA added that the most recent instance of unnecessary litigation costs was the President’s use of public money to send large legal teams to the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein, knowing full well that his counsel would concede that the original decision to drop the 783 charges was irrational.

“It is an absolute outrage and it is for this reason that Mr. Zuma must and will be held personally liable and made to pay for wasting valuable financial resources.

“The DA will not stand by while Jacob Zuma and the ANC-run government plunder state coffers while South Africans are without work and basic services,” charged the party.

Above all, DA advised Zuma to quit “ducking and diving” and let a trial court decide on his innocence.

“If he is innocent, as he claims, let him have his day in court, and let the court clear him. His actions over the last decade smack of a desperate attempt to avoid this eventuality. These are the actions of a man who knows he has a lot to answer for,” added the opposition party.