The City of Tshwane has begun a process of relocating families of the Jeffsville Informal Settlement in Atteridgeville whose homes were affected by a sinkhole to a safer and habitable place in Bremmer Street, west of the city.

One of the initial 12 affected family members heard a loud bang and he went  outside to investigate and noticed a hole which was moving towards their bedroom at a rapid pace, and he frantically started waking his children and immediately evacuated their shack.

The sinkhole gained momentum and started moving towards other shacks. Some panic-stricken families were able to remove their belongings  from their shacks while others couldn’t, out of fear of their safety.

When the DA led management of the city became aware of the dire situation last evening, it immediately  activated the important role players, namely; Metro Police Department,  Emergency Services and Disaster Management and deployed them to the scene. The teams worked overnight to help evacuate the distraught families. The affected families were temporarily accommodated at Mlambo Hall in Atteridgeville.

The City of Tshwane, as a caring municipality, realising the dangerous conditions to which the families were exposed due to the sinkhole, decided today to relocate the families to a safer place in Bremmer Street. The relocation will take place in various phases, starting with five families. The total number of families affected has risen to 45.

A team of social workers has also been dispatched to determine the social impact and trauma the affected families may be experiencing.

One of the contractors of the City’s Department of Housing and Human Settlement has already volunteered to move all the families to the new site.

The City of Tshwane will strive to ensure that all the affected families have been evacuated to a safer place and that their belongings are taken care of  and try to make their relocation  and temporary resettlement as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Solly Msimanga the Executive Mayor of Tshwane took to social media to announce this. He posted.

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