According to Mayor Herman Mashaba, he said that the ANC is behind the land seizures that have been reported in Orange Farm.

“We have information that the ANC is behind the invasions. It’s trying to destabilize the coalition we have here,” he told journalists at a media briefing held at his offices today morning.


“This is not only unlawful but more worrying is the blatant abuse of vulnerable members of our communities to achieve political ends,” Mashaba explained,

That’s not the only place this same incident have been reported. The Police have been trying to fight off the invasion attempts in other parts of the city.

Housing waiting list;


The Mayor also asked the community members to be patient, that they know that some of them have been on the list way too long and he also blamed the past administration.

“We acknowledge there have been people on the list since 1995 or 1996 and still have no access to proper housing; this has been made worse by a lack of transparency by the previous administration which has resulted in suspicions of corruption.”

He also confirmed that there were plans in motion to hand over the title of deeds to the residents, which will in turn enable them have access to bank loans.

“We acknowledge that title deeds would enable residents to access bank loans, giving them access to the economy and therefore empowering residents with an important tool to uplift themselves out of poverty,” he said.