It’s not everyday you hear that a popularly person has been detained for something they could easily scale through.

Well that’s life, some things happens when you least expected it.

That’s the case with Morgan Deane the Irish Ex-Wife of former Proteas captain Graeme Smith, she was detailed by the Cape Town police over her expired Visa.

That wasn’t the first time she has been arrested over the same issue, as it was reported that she was arrested last November and locked up.

According to Home Affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete, she said that the woman have failed to renew her visa since it expired;

“She was given the chance to give a good explanation about why she didn’t renew it, but she could not give one. We were thus forced to refer the matter to the courts,” said Tshwete

speaking on her case, Morgan told Sunday Times that she had already appeared in court and also applied for renewal before it expired.;

“I had applied well before the time [for the visa renewal], but the administrative process continued for eight days after the expiration date,” Deane said.

“I could then not leave the country without running the risk of having a criminal record or being deported.”