Thabo Mbeki Foundation has issued a statement in response to the one ANCWL issued yesterday, calling on the entire leadership of the women league to learn about the ugly consequences of lies.

“Lies Have Never Saved Anyone”, Mbeki told ANCWL.

ANCWL in their statement, linked the South Africa’s former president to certain alleged dissatisfied occurrences in the country.

“The Gupta Family formally introduced by our then President Thabo Mbeki to President Jacob Zuma remains a mystery as to the unfair amount of attack they are facing, even after allowing the invasions of many institutions such as the Oppenheimer’s, the Rupert’s and the Barclays to continue to gain resources of our beloved state,” the ANCWL said.

Thabo Mbeki Foundation debunked the claims that he introduced the Guptas to President Zuma, arguing that even if he did, he can’t be responsible for whatever happened between Pres. Zuma and the Gupta family.

The statement specified that “Thabo Mbeki did not at any point introduce the Gupta family to President Zuma.” And with the ANCWL repeating the same allegation, the Foundation have to issue another statement.

“We have noted  statement of the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) issued by the league’s secretary general, Meokgo Matuba, in which, as is the right of the ANCWL, the organisation faithfully and dutifully defends the Gupta family among other personalities.

The only thing we would like to add, which we hope the secretary general and the entire leadership of the ANCWL will internalize, is that lies have never saved anyone because lies have short legs,” Thabo Mbeki Foundation cautioned.

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