The University of the Witwatersrand celebrated that the “majority of classes continued” on Wednesday and published its final examination timetable.

Management thanked “those who attended and taught classes” which continued “across all campuses without disruption‚ and with better attendance than” Tuesday.

The revised time table will  extend the calendar by two weeks. The term now ends on October 31 for a two day study break before examinations which will commence on November 3 to 30.

“Please note that no student will be prevented from writing exams for financial reasons,” Wits said.

The university repeated “that we have met with student leaders from various student structures and societies” and “are open to engaging with students from all societies and mediators to try to find a negotiated settlement”.

Wits said it was “happy to address all internal issues as described earlier but it is beyond our control to give students free education now”.

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