Some parts of South Africa is in chaos now over the resurgence of Xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

In case you missed the show or you need a reminder, here is the video made by the Leader of the killings in South Africa. Raymond Soulfa.

He made and uploaded this video in 2015 which led to the killings of lots of foreigners in South Africa.

Some sections blame the Zulu King Goodwill for prompting the 2015 Xenophobic attacks for comments her made. The King said “All foreigners must return home.”

Raymond said in the video :

”I am South African, born and raised. Am not afraid of any man

You don’t know how we survive.

We are giving all foreigners 14 days to get out of South Africa.

If you don’t get out of the country, we will execute a lot of foreigners we come across.

The only country we respect is Uganda.

We don’t care if you are black.

The pain i feel when i kill a black person i can’t even express it.

Foreigners must go.

You stupid bloggers, media, talking shit about us. You can’t stop us.

South Africa for South Africans,” he said.

Below is the video clip he made back in 2015 to to freshen your memories.

The one million Rand question is, here is someone publicly admitting to killings of human beings, What has been done about it and him?

There is also a  video clip of some of his attacks on foreigners where he ordered his followers to pour petrol on human beings and set them alight. They watched as the burnt alive.

Here is a must watch video that will shock you.

After the attack, 1400 suspects were arrested in connection with the violence, 128 individuals had been convicted and 30 more found guilty in concluded court cases. 208 cases had been withdrawn and 156 were still being hard.

The withdrawn cases was because complaints and most witness have left the country.