Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande has told the fees Commission in Pretoria that no country in the World can afford free education. He also added that even in countries that are always cited as offering free education, taxpayers are burdened with the duty of paying.

“There is nothing truly called free education because somebody pays. In other countries it is taxpayers who actually bear the burden of the cost” said Nzimande.

He further explained the concept of NSFAS,

”In South Africa, it is the taxpayers who give you money upfront and the say when you are working bring it back in order to assist other” he said.

“Strictly speaking someone is paying. Like this no fee increase is the tax payers who will pay for this year and next year. it’s going to be tax payer who are going to pay for it so we must understand this slogans properly” he concluded.

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