From Saxonwold to the UAE, the Guptas are making themselves comfortable in the equivalent of Beverly Hills, and they’re building a Hindu temple at a cost of R200m in India.

The Gupta family have reportedly bought a R448-million residence in Dubai. Decorated in marble and gold with 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a double grand staircase, nine reception rooms and space for 11 cars.

Villa L35 in Dubai’s Emirates Hills situated in ‘Dubai’s most expensive post code’ was to be the Guptas’ new house.

 Below are some of the images that were circulated when the property went on sale.


In Johannesburg, there’s no sign that the Guptas intend selling their Saxonwold homes. Even when ZS-OAK has been out of the country, Sahara Estate’s gates have remained open.