The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has asked ANC to quit running SA as though it’s their private shop. Their outrage follows the ICC withdrawal move by the ANC government.

The party said the move is suspicious and that they’re concerned the ANC government made a unilateral decision without necessary consultation.

”The ANC must not run this country like it is their own private shop. They must not act like voting sheep on serious policy issues such as this one. This is how they embarrassed us at the UN when they effectively voted for the assassination of Gaddafi,” stated the EFF.

EFF said it’s shocked the government didn’t consult other organs of state before taking such a drastic step.

“It should have at least sought counsel from the judiciary and at the very least, informed parliament of its intent. In essence, this unilateral decision has undermined the constitutional principle of ‘separation of powers’…

“Government has the obligation to consult with parliament before making such a drastic policy move that may have implications on the running of the state,” EFF indicated.

The party further indicated that “it is also not clear what the rush is behind” the ICC withdrawal move.

Specifying that there is no urgent matter that is pending to warrant such a hasty decision, EFF said:

“unless the ANC knows of a reason they are not sharing with the rest of the country. We strongly urge the ANC government to reconsider their decision and return the matter to proper internal consultation before committing the country to an undertaking with such far-reaching implications.”

The Fighters made it clear that they don’t support the ICC in its current form.

To them, ICC has only ever successfully tried Africans and incarcerated them. And, has failed dismally to act on war crimes committed by superpowers like the United States and the United Kingdom in unjust wars as in Iraq and Libya.

“ICC has shown bias and underhandedness in the manner they select the cases they try. We strongly believe that Africa is a soft target for this judicial body and Africans will never be treated with fairness under its current attitude,” Juju’s party asserted.

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