The Gupta family has called on finance Minister to please withdraw the court application implying that the family is linked to a R6.8bn suspicious payment.

The family’s lawyer Van der Merwe and Associates made this demand on Wednesday asking that the minister recalls the application that implicated the family in the R6.8bn suspicious payments and to pay the court costs.

The lawyer noted that Gordhan would “expose the fiscus not only to loss of tax revenue but also put the burden of mining rehabilitation on the fiscus.”

Van der Merwe said the application was “uncalled for, malicious and nothing but vexatious.” He added that Gordhan was wasting taxpayers’ money with the court application, in “a reckless and inappropriate manner”.

“In order that we do not expose the fiscus unnecessarily to costs, we propose that the application be withdrawn,” the Gupta lawyers said

The family gave the minister until the end of the day to comply. Gordhan, however, indicated through his lawyers that he would not comply, and that the case will move ahead.

Speaking on the benefit of the court case on the R6.8bn suspicious payments, a deputy South African Reserve Bank governor and the registrar of banks, Kuben Naidoo said the case that would give banks the opportunity to explain how their behavior would be in the public’s interest.