Following last week’s appointment of 11 new directors for South African Air ways,  Minister Gordhan has revealed why  Myeni still remain the chairperson. Speaking at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town on Thursday,the minister outlined why Myeni retained her job for at list another one year.

  • To achieve a stronger balance.

Gordhan said ” the board now had a much stronger balance with the new appointed directors”.

  • To ensure continuity.

”South African Airways (SAA) chairwoman Dudu Myeni was retained for one year to ensure there was continuity in the management” he said.

  • Greater team work.

“The chairperson will have to work as part of a team and not work as a dictator,” said Gordhan.

  • New board new ideas.

”He said ”the new board of director would  set out how the airline needed to operate”.

Myeni, who is executive chair of the Jacob Zuma Foundation, has been SAA chief since 2009.

The airline’s financial statements are due out on September 15. This must be followed by starting the process of “hiring a competent and experienced CEO and also getting a chief financial officer as the incumbents are acting.”

Asked if the Treasury would provide the R5bn needed to bail out SAA, Gordhan said the bottom line was to put together a management team competent to run the airline, ‘ and, yes, it needs money”.

Despite the minister’s endorsement of the new board, concerns have been expressed about the lack of airline experience among the new members.