Pupils at Pretoria High school say that certain hairstyles are banned and that their blackness is being discouraged.The young girls  say that their school’s rules forbid some African hairstyles.The hairstyles forbidden are as follows :



All hair must be brushed.if hair is long enough to be tied back,it must be tied back neatly no lower than the nape of the neck.




All styles must be conservative and neat .no eccentric styles will be allowed.




No crocodiel,banana or other fancy clips are allowed. No dying,bleaching,highlighting,colouring or shaving of hair in any way is allowed.

4.   BRAIDS.

Wearing Unique Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls - Deva Hairstyles



All hair must be off the face and not be in the eyes. All hair elastic and ribbons must be navy blue.


The girls claim that they are told to chemically straighten their hair and that it’s frowned upon if they wear natural styles although the school’s code of conduct does not specifically forbid that.They claim their hair is generally being policed and are being told what to do with their hair and which hairstyles are acceptable to their community.