Many South Africans are calling for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma. Many protests have been staged. A motion of vote of no confidence has been tabled against the President. MPs have exchanged strong words with him in Parliament but the 75-year-old President Zuma seems not to be moved.

The Deputy Secretary General of the South African Communist Party‚ Solly Mapaila‚ has submitted an affidavit to the inspector general of intelligence‚ accusing President Jacob Zuma of lying about why he fired former finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy‚ Mcebisi Jonas.

“I’ve noticed many lies being said by the president. That is why I can confirm now (in) public‚ for the first time‚ I have deposed an affidavit against the president with the inspector general of intelligence‚ because he had gone to court to refute the fact that when he was removing Pravin Gordhan and deputy minister Mcebisi Jonas that he used the intelligence report – and he had briefed us (on) that. And I couldn’t understand… how could he tell us the truth and lie to the public? I want him arrested and investigated.” Mapaila said on Sunday night in a panel discussion broadcast on TV news channel eNCA.

Both the SACP and the Democratic Alliance have reported the matter to the inspector general.

“I had to take that step because I felt it was important that we must bring him to the commitment of our movement. Our movement has always been a truthful movement‚” Mapaila said.

“That is why the NEC must have the courage to take the president to task and not go and necessarily debate the fact that there’s this vote of no confidence‚ they can’t agree‚ there’s this and that number.

“(They must look) into the primary principles of our movement and‚ I can tell you‚ President Zuma will fail each and every one. That is what we call corruption.”

The functions of the inspector general of intelligence are contained in the Intelligence Oversight Act of 1994 and include monitoring whether the country’s intelligence services comply with the constitution and relevant legislation in relation to intelligence and counter-intelligence.

The inspector general is also responsible for investigating complaints from members of the public regarding maladministration‚ abuse of power and transgressions of the constitution within the intelligence services.