For the past few days, almost the entire country seems to be interested to know what will happen to Zim first lady after she attacked a Joburg model with and extension cord.

South African rights group AfriForum, which is advising a 20-year-old model denounced  reported plans by Pretoria to grant Mugabe diplomatic immunity.

“The government has two responsibilities: one, to protect its own citizens and two, to act according to the law.

“The granting of diplomatic immunity would transgress the law,” AfriForum chief executive Kallie Kriel said.

A senior government source said that Grace Mugabe was allowed to leave the country and return to Harare in the interests of avoiding a diplomatic rift.

South African police have put border posts on “red alert” to prevent Mugabe from ever entering the country again.

The source said there would obviously be implications for relations with Zimbabwe.