Latest report has it that ex-Public Protector Madonsela owes state government about R750 000 she used to treat her son after he was involved in a car crash in 2012.

This was added to revelations made by the new public advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane at her first appearance  in the parliament on Thursday.

Advocate Mkhwebane revealed that her predecessor, Thuli Madonsela, received $500 000 (nearly R7 million at the current exchange rate) from US government agency USAID, raising some concerns around Madonsela’s independence.

Mkhwebane also told the Parliament that Madonsela did a lot of international travels with no clear indications on the purpose of the travels  as often as she did, since her main work was centered in South Africa.

The claims by the new protector drew public attention as many turned to criticize the Thuli for portraying a perfect attitude.

Ex-Public Protector Madonsela Thuli wrote on Twitter: “I’ve learned that throwing mud at someone says a lot about you than about the person you are throwing mud at,” a comment that left many to assume she was referring to what Mkhwebane said about her.


To her comments on Twitter, people rose in her defence accusing the new protector of being compromised and influenced by corrupt leaders. While some other say the new advocate need to be left to do her job and reveal secret dealings of the out-gone advocate if need be.

“No one is perfect you must accept when you are wrong Thuli portraying this perfection attitude is not helping,” commented one of her followers, while another just wanted to know the conditions that came with the USAID money.” a citizen said, attacking Ex-Public Protector Madonsela.


Meanwhile, Mazwai responded to Madonsela’s tweet, saying there was no mudslinging. “Your imperfections are just showing themselves and you told us you were perfect,” she said.

“But ex-Public Protector Madonsela must also Pay Back The Money, kalok state resources are not for the benefit of their spoilt kids. If Thuli is above the law then she is just as corrupt,” said the poet.

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