President Jacob Zuma will face questions in parliament on Tuesday afternoon for the first time since last month’s elections.

The President will very likely be scrutinised just one day after it was announced that he has paid for non-security upgrades at his Nkandla homestead.

The payment was made possible after Zuma received a home loan from the relatively inconspicuous VBS Mutual Bank.

“The President usually answers questions for oral reply in the assembly at least once a quarter during session time within the annual Parliamentary programme,” says SANews, the government’s mouthpiece.

Zuma will take center stage at 2pm, when MPs from opposition parties will launch into him with a bombardment of questions – many of them likely to be uncomfortable for our Number One.

Zuma will also have to personally play down the ANC’s disastrous election campaign, as well as allegations of political infighting, calls for his removal, and even more corruption scandals.