In South Africa and beyond, a lot of people are of the opinion that President Zuma is corrupt citing the number of charges tabled against him.

But the President thinks otherwise. He has dismissed allegations that he is corrupt and again alluded to a “third force” being behind the rise of anti-Zuma sentiment in the country.

Taking a direct swipe at the African National Congress’s alliance partners – union federation Cosatu and the South African Communist Party – he told them to focus on “real issues” affecting the working class and poor instead of ridiculing the ANC in public.

The president was speaking in isiZulu at People’s Park, Moses Mabhida Stadium, in Durban on Sunday evening at a prayer meeting held in his honour.



Workers were in trouble with the impending “fourth industrial revolution” where they would lose jobs to information technology. Yet, workers’ organisations were discussing the ANC, he said.

On Monday, the Constitutional Court will deal with a case of whether the Constitution allows for a secret ballot in a motion of no confidence in Zuma.

A secret vote in the National Assembly is seen as a necessity to stop intimidation of ANC MPs who may want to “vote with their conscience” against Zuma.