Tuesday the 11th of September marks the the 40th anniversary of the the passing away of Steve Bantu Biko.

President Zuma himself commemorated the event by laying Wreathe inside the prison cell at Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Centre in Pretoria where he died.

The former Black Consciousness Movement leader was tortured and he sustained severe injury including brain tumor by fascism policemen while in police custody.

Biko departed September 12, 1977 in the police cell central prison in August that same here Zuma Reminded.

“He very much tried to concientise the country that being black was not a sin. It is an act of God. We should not feel inferior about it. We should be proud of it because it is what we are,” the President commended Biko for safekeeping his words  “We must not fear”.

The President encouraged black people to be part of the struggle to “correct the wrongs of history” because Biko is a “hero that we must remember together with other heroes who fought for our freedom” he continues.