The South African president, Jacob Zuma, is reported to have fathered a 20th child with the youngest daughter of his friend.

His latest offspring, a girl, was reported on Sunday to have been born in October to Sonono Khoza, 39, the divorced daughter of Irvin Khoza.  Mr Khoza was chairman of the organising committee for the football World Cup finals held in South Africa in 2010.

The girl’s name was registered as Thandekile Matina Zuma.

Pres. Zuma, is a proud Zulu traditionalist, and as well as his polygamy. He has had a number of children out of wedlock.

In all, he has had children by seven women.

A close source to Khoza’s family said they were not happy about the liaison. Mr Khoza is six years younger than the pres. Zuma. A delegation from the president had visited them to discuss ”inhlawulo”, the customary Zulu damages payable when a child is born out of wedlock.

Pres. Zuma defended himself against accusations that polygamy was “a step backward” or unfair to women in a discussion at the World Economic Forum.

“People interpret cultures in different ways,” he said. “Some think that their culture is superior to others, that’s a problem we have in the world.”

In South Africa, he went on, “we follow a policy that says you must respect the cultures of others. That’s my culture. It does not take anything from me, from my political beliefs and everything, including the belief on the equality of women”.

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