President Zuma

Gogo Sizeni Mbambo, 101, from kwaNxamalala village in Nkandla, shared a special moment with President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday.

The elderly woman, whose back was arched and who struggled to walk, was ushered into Ntolwane Primary School, where the president voted, by two people.

Walking slowly into the voting station, Mbambo said: “I am well my child, but my knees are weak. I am here to vote, I woke up early in the morning.”

Mbambo said she would vote for Zuma and to her surprise, while she was voting, the president arrived in the queue where local residents were waiting to vote.

When Mbambo saw Zuma her face lit up and the elderly woman began to dance.

“Don’t laugh at me now, it is because I am weak and old but in the past, I used to beat the other young girls in dancing,” said Mbambo much to Zuma’s amusement.

Mbambo said she was happy to see Zuma.

Zuma was also happy to meet Mbambo saying he was pleased to see elderly people voting.

“She is one of the people who did not vote for many years,” he said.

Source:- News24