Many South Africans are largely unaware of the secret occurrences as well as the random brawl that ensued at the just concluded State of The Nations Address by President Jacob Zuma.

Read on as we unravel chronologically, the many shades of dehumanization  and human right abuses  by the present administration.

10. The secret deployment of some military personnel should be a huge  source of outrage by the South African people who were grossly bullied and intimidated.Police and 441 soldiers were deployed.

9. The movement and subsequent displacement of persons perceived to be of the opposition is probably another crushing blow to the nations democracy.

8. Limitation of the people’s freedom of expression was very visible at the event.

7. Several indecorous brawl ensuing between the security agents and civilians was yet another sight of irritation.

6. It would appear that the government of the day didn’t put proper measures in place to control the surging crowd.

5. Unnecessary delay before the address, suggested there was some level of misgivings.

4. The fear of dissenting voices by the government was quite a disturbing issue.

3. Forced exit of Julius Malema , leader of the EFF out of the venue of the event should be a national discourse.

2. Also, the walk out of the DA leader Mmusi Maimane  during the president’s address speaks volume.

1. Finally, the President’s body language seems greatly opposed to the essence and beauty of democracy.