A petition calling for President Jacob Zuma to resign has passed 66,000 signatures in just one day.

“Our unemployment has never been higher. Crime and corruption have become a standard. Government are pillaging our taxes & our economy is at a tipping point,” Tebiso Tony, who started the petition, said.

At the time of writing, the petition has gained 66,511.

Earlier this afternoon it was 50,907 supporters.

“This man (Pres. Zuma) has totally turned this country upside down. President Mandela & Mbeki worked so hard to make this country before 2009 that he Pres. Zuma took power. The world was experiencing a very bad recession while South Africa was stable, thanks to my President’s (Thabo Mbeki) great leadership skills. This man continues to make bad decisions and frankly I am just fed up with him. He must fall with immediate effect!!!” one of the signatories, Sixolile Madikizela, wrote.

There has been calls all over the country for pres. Zuma to step down even from his own brother. The opposition parties (DA) and (EFF) have loudly aired their views for president Zuma to resign.

Even the ANC are tired of the so called Pres. Zuma administration.

The Nkandla saga, the Saa issues, the SABC cases, the nuclear deal, the state capture, the feesmustfall problems, Eskom just to say but a few are typical examples to show you that Pres. Zuma must fall.

Markets and businessmen and women are not happy as the already troubled rand entered free fall.

Social media also wasn’t happy – as the tag #ZumaMustFall began trending.

The has been calls from prominent South Africans such as former Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni on government to work really hard to avoid South Africa receiving a junk rating.

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