A police captain (lamola) was shot and killed by a prisoner (bomba shongwe) who is awaiting trial and being held at the Johannesburg prison. According eye witnesses, the officer was escorting the suspect to court, “while making their way up the stairs, the suspect disarmed the officer and shot him” ER24’s said “the captain was declared dead as he was being airlifted to the hospital, he suffered multiple gunshot wound”.┬áit was gathered that the prisoner who was awaiting trial shot the police captain and escaped.

A police officer who wished that his name be kept off the record because he is not authorized to speak to the media said the search for the criminal is ongoing at the court which was on lock down.

“it is very hectic, no one is allowed in or out, it looks like a hostage situation we know that he is hiding somewhere in court, so we are afraid he might leave, we are not taking chances” the police captain said