ANC chief whip, Jackson Mthembu stirred some commotion when he called on the entire National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC to resign, arguing that they have failed South Africa and ANC.

He said his resignation call follows the NEC assertion that no one in particular was responsible for the ANC’s poor performance at the local government election polls.

“Since we have then agreed that we will take collective responsibility for that, I then said to the national executive committee perhaps we must also take a collective fall.

“If we don’t do this thing then the ANC will lose the mission that is tasked with the total liberation of our people, they will be out of power come 2019,” Mthembu said.

The ANC KZN reacted to Mthembu’s resignation call asking the chief whip to resign first.

Speaking for the ANC branch, Mdumiseni Ntuli said: “Mthembu should do the honorable thing and resign first, without mobilizing others to do the same.”

Ntuli remarked that “the most dangerous thing a leader can do is to conduct themselves like comrade Jackson”

She asserted that the ANC chief whip has gone outside of the agreed positions of the ANC.

“He is elevating himself and positioning himself to be above the collective of the ANC. …If you behave like Jackson, you become a populist. He must not be a populist.

If his views were not entertained by the NEC, then he should not go outside of the organisation and speak to the media about his views.

This means that all 90 NEC members can go to the media and express their views, but they can’t because we are not a foundation of individuals,” she stated.

Thereafter, she urged that Mthembu be punished for his remarks.

“He must be made to account for his utterances and he must explain why his views are more important that the collective,” Ntuli charged.

That should be done because Mthembu is not just an ordinary member of the ANC. “He is the chief whip, and he has the power to divide the ANC caucus in Parliament,” she indicated.