If this still sounds a bit too tame for your liking then the Competition Plus package will most probably be more up your alley. Opting for this flagship upgrade bolts on a fully adjustable coilover suspension system that can be manually tweaked to better suit everything from choppy back roads to paper-smooth race tracks. Indeed, at its sportiest setting you can expect a ride height 20mm lower than the standard RS4 Avant or RS5. Characterised by higher spring rates, three-way adjustable dampers and stiffer stabiliser bars, this modification will certainly pay dividends when it comes to carving up corners. 

Also forming part of the Competition Plus package is Audi’s dynamic steering system with a fixed ratio of 1:13.1, an enhanced Quattro sport differential tuned to deliver more wheel slip, upgraded transmission software as well as a revamped braking package. In combination with the P-Zero Corsa tyres, newly tuned ABS software, and the RS ceramic brake system, the brake path is up to 2m shorter when braking from 100km/h.

No matter which of the Competition packages you choose, both make use of the same 2.9l twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine native to the standard RS4 Avant and RS5. As such you can expect 331kW and 600Nm of torque. Though these figures remain unchanged, Audi claims that both Competition variants will reach 100km/h slightly quicker than their regular siblings: 3.9 seconds (-0.2) for the RS4 Avant and 3.8 seconds (-0.1) for the RS5. The top speed of both has also been limited to 290km/h vs the standard 250km/h.

At the time of writing TimesLIVE Motoring is still waiting on confirmation from Audi if either of the two Competition packages are going to be offered in SA.

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