Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will never sell its soul like Mandela sold that of the ANC. The party will never compromise its’ radicalism by taking white people’s money, says Julius Sello Malema.

The Fighters will rely solely on themselves to finance the EFF. For that reason, the EFF lord will continue to hand R7,000 of his salary to the party each month.

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Also, EFF Councilors will continue to sacrifice 10% of their salaries for the party to avoid making the same mistake Mandela did.

If the EFF fail to raise money through these avenues that wouldn’t compromise its’ radicalism, the party will take the same destruction route Mandela went with the ANC, Malema said.
He said “the EFF must be self-sustainable. If the EFF doesn’t have its own money it will depend on people who have money…who are the people with money? It’s white people. So we’re going to have to ask money from white people.

“The people who give you money are the people who control you” he went on. “You can’t bite the hand that is feeding you. So the day we go and take white people’s money, that’s the day the EFF is gone.

“That’s how the ANC was destroyed by our dear Nelson Mandela, it went to take the money of white capital,” Malema upheld.

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According to Juju, the ruling party sold out to white monopoly capital when Mandela was freed from prison.

He acknowledged that Mandela was a very radical politician. But then, added that he was captured by those with money and compelled to compromise.

“…When Mandela came out of prison he did not have a suit of his own. He did not have a car of his own, he did not have a decent place.

That big name called Mandela did not have a decent bed to sleep on. The ANC had not prepared for the release of Nelson Mandela. And those with money came and captured (him). …

That’s how Nelson Mandela compromised the principles of nationalization.

The reality is that the man didn’t have anywhere to go to. The ANC didn’t have money, those with money captured Mandela and ultimately, captured the ANC,” Malema proclaimed.

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