South Africa is owing Zimbabwe R2 billion and Zim Pres. Robert Mugabe wants it back.

Old documents from around 1978 before South Rhodesia became Zimbabwe indicates an amount SA owe Zim in then Rhodesian dollars Equivalent to 2 billion SA rands.

The money was a loan to boost SA police service and army during apartheid. The two government were allies and they used to help and loan each other resources.

Pres. Mugabe is demanding the money to be paid back saying even though the transactions were made by two governments that no longer exist, the important part is that the countries still exist and a debt does not expire.

”The money and the resources of our country belongs to our people and if we know where our former government took it to then we must get it back,” Pres Mugabe stated.

Pres. Zuma said Mugabe has not officially confronted him about the issue.

”If Mugabe approaches us with those documents, our first thoughts will be what would mandela do ,” Pres. zuma stated.