Treasury will continue to serve South Africans with the consistency it always has, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan promised South Africans on Wednesday.

“What we can tell South Africans as Treasury is that your finances are in very good hands,” he said at the National Church Leaders’ Consultation.

The theme of his talk was about citizens ensuring that national resources were used for common good.

Treasury’s intention for the medium-term budget policy statement, to be delivered in Parliament next Wednesday, was to provide a fiscal framework which showed South Africa wanted to manage its finances well.

”Your money is in safe hands, the Minister said.

He spoke about the importance of having an optimistic and unified outlook for the country. It would benefit South Africa to follow the example set in the first six months of the year, when several sectors joined forces in order to avoid a ratings downgrade.

“We must find the unity of purpose, as we did between business, labour, government, and civil society in the first six months. That would send out the right message.”

He said it was important for South Africans to avoid becoming dependent on the state. They should be capable of shaping their own destinies.

“We want to raise South Africa’s population to a level where it can create possibilities to contribute to humanity and advance our own cause, as well social justice,” he said.