Former President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki is one man who has vowed to always give a piece of his mind in the face of  many challenges rocking the country.

Mbeki hit the nail on the head ‘without fear or favour’.

This time, Mbeki has bewailed the prestigious exit of South Africa from the league of honourable countries. Speaking in Johannesburg, he said South Africa has lost the respect of countries, both in Africa and globally.

He expressed disappointment that South Africa has recently brought itself so low, to the dismay of Africa and the rest of the world who invested in the success of the country.

Mbeki said:

“As I wander around the continent, this is a refrain that we meet right across the continent: ‘what has gone wrong with SA?’. It is everywhere. Everywhere [is] loss of respect for the South Africans. Who wants to listen to the South Africans?. And that is reality, that is the practicality, that is the situation.”

Speaking also, former minister, Alec Erwin, who handed in his resignation letter in 2008 after Mbeki was recalled, opined that SA is presently stuck in the limbo because the country is yet to be governed by a political party that could take the country forward in the cause of humanity. He said Anc does not look capable of doing that under the leadership of Pres. Zuma.

Erwin also acknowledged economic transformation would not happen overnight but that the country must find “nobility of the human spirit” again, “else the period will be quite dark for a while”.

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