Dr Mandisa Maholwana CEO of world class Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital has pronounced that all hope is not lost in raising funds to fully open the hospital.“The future is still bright for the hospital. We are confident we are on track. We have actually seen some keen interest to help us get the hospital up and running.” she said.

The already launched hospital is worth R1-billion. The funds for construction was donated 9 months ago to help state and private patients needing cancer treatment, dialysis or heart operations. The Hospital is well equipped top ranging facilities and operating theaters from which procedures can be broadcast for training or involving specialists abroad.

Maholwana still expect the government to fulfill part of their promise,”This hospital was built by a non-profit [organisation] prior to formal financial commitments by the government.”that the government “endorsed and committed to supporting the hospital as early as 2009”. But not all cost is covered.