Anyone South African watching student demonstrators will be wondering who is really behind the violence? Can students with a modicum of intelligence be encouraging the burning of books, destruction of property, baring their breasts to police and even calling for a Marikana-style massacre to advance their cause for free tuition?

The South African Students Congress(Sasco) says “no”. Most of the people causing chaos on university campuses are not registered students, alleges Sasco secretary general Tembani Makata. He says EFF supporters are mainly behind the campus violence.

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This allegation has not been denied by EFF student leader, Mpho Morolane, who gave a fuzzy response when it was put to him.

Sasco on Wednesday said it would protect tertiary institutions from what it claimed was violence instigated by the EFF.

“If they want to continue their hooliganism and burn our institutions, we have now taken a decision to say we are going to protect those institutions ourselves,” South African Students Congress secretary general Tembani Makata said.

“The majority of those people mobilized, who are wearing red T-shirts, are not even students of an institution.”

She called on EFF student leaders to stop instigating violence.

“They must not push this generation into burning buildings.”

Sasco president Thabo Majola said the EFF should stop threatening students to participate in their protests.

“Even when they want to start engaging, EFF puts notes on the doors of all students, threatening their lives. It goes and closes residences, forces students to go and participate in their strikes.”

Some students has taken to social media to discourage other student from listening to EFF and engaging in the protest. Lindiwe Sithole wrote on her twitter handle :


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