Former ANCYL President and leader of the EFF is a popular President Zuma critic. While speaking to his party faithfuls yesterday while visiting the only remaining #feesmustfall student leader in prison.

The Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Sunday said that they want to go to school, so they don’t end up like President Zuma and his family, who does not like school;

“We don’t want to be like Jacob Zuma. We don’t want to be like Zuma’s family, we want to be educated, that is what we are fighting for. Even Khulubuse [Zuma’s nephew] is not educated. We don’t want anything that has got to do with that family.

“We are rejecting anything that represents Jacob Zuma. Lack of education is what represents Jacob Zuma,” Malema said to more than 1 500 supporters after visiting detained student activist, Bonginkosi Khanyile, at the Westville Correctional Services Centre in Durban”.

He also made joke of the President by saying that when you refuse going to school, then Jacob Zuma turns out to be your role model;

“When a person does not want to go to school, you must say to them, ‘Uhm, Zuma must be your role model because the man hates education with everything in him. And all those who support him also hate education’,” Malema said.