The leader of Economic Freedom Fighter EFF Julius Malema in a public address where he was summoned to address a  conference. Asked about his economic standpoint and the call for whites to be chased to the sea?

He clarified that capitalism had never succeeded in Africa and that he never at any point said South Africa should replicate the atrocious policy that plunged Zimbabwe into economic ruin.

Rather he is asking that the nations wealth should be shared and distributed to all citizens whether black or white.

Expatiating  his hypothesis further, the MP observed that deliberate steps must be taken to include blacks, just like deliberate steps were taken to exclude them back then.

He accused some  capitalist  benefiting from the status quo as those misinterpreting and misrepresenting his genuine intention, in a bid to suit their selfish and narrow interest.

Insisting that it is only when they cause rancour and unrest that they benefit the more.

In a summation of his position, the EFF comrade said that it is only when the whites are pushed a little that they will consider the proposal of redistributing the nations wealth.

He recanted his experience in his own village where a man had excess land and when the villagers requested he shared it with them, he complied and there was peace.

He urged his fellow compatriot to embrace peace is the amicable resolve of the land question for the benefit of all.