Articulate  EFF leader Julius  Malema has just spoken bluntly on the floor of  the Parliament that White supremacist must unconditionally relinquish lands in their possession to the true black owners, and Blacks must reclaim their  lands through whatever means.

Speaking in the National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon, Malema says the land issue should not be used as a politicking tactic.

“We remain a conquered nation because white monopoly capital still owns the means of production, and at the centre of that is the land question. Black people, all of us, we need to unite and amend the Constitution so that we can expropriate land without compensation.”

Malema added that the land question is at the root of the country’s economic inequalities.

He called on the ANC Parliamentarians to come together with the EFF members for a swift amendment of the constitution, to enable blacks reclaim their heritage.