South Africans can no longer blame apartheid and whites for the way things are in the country.

Blaming apartheid and white monopoly capital for South Africa’s problems is absurd, wildly unreasonable, illogical and preposterous, King Goodwill Zwelithini inferred.

According to the King, it’s unreal to blame certain negative situations on apartheid, these situations he said, aren’t as bad as they are during apartheid.

King Zwelithini made these inferences while he was addressing a gathering of high school principals in Ulundi. He wailed that the quality of education in the country has deteriorated to unimaginable conditions.

The king said it’s grievous that education in South Africa is being ranked lower than those of the poor country in Africa.

The King referred to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development which ranked education in South Africa 75 out of 76 countries.

He emphasized that blaming apartheid for the state of education in the country is unrealistic.

He linked the problems of education in the country to the interference by unions, selling of teacher and principal posts, alcohol, the proximity of taverns to schools, drugs, and the lack of good and dedicated teachers.