President Jacob Zuma’s illegible handwriting made headlines after a state visit to Nairobi, Kenya.

During his state visit, it looked as though Zuma filled in a visitors’ register at the State House in Nairobi. It was a means to thank Kenyan’s President Uhuru Kenyatta for inviting him to Kenya and for the warm welcome.
Subsequently, a picture, which was posted and then deleted on Twitter by President Uhuru Kenyatta, allegedly showed Zuma’s illegible handwriting from the register he signed
Not so good for Pres Zuma, some fingers were faster than Kenyatta’s as the picture quickly went viral with a lot of Kenyans mocking South Africa and pres. Zuma’s handwriting, saying that his message and signature were incomprehensible.

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From saying Zuma’s illegible handwriting needs prayers to suggesting he goes back to kindergarten, Kenyans had a field day mocking SA president. The backlash was probably what forced President Kenyatta’s communication team to pull down the image.


Moreover, Kenyans were not so happy with the outcome of President Jacob Zuma’s visit. Apparently, they were expecting the visa rules imposed on Kenyan travelers to be changed really fast. However, what Kenyans got was a promise to “consider” the request.

Here is a picture of the register President some signed and few blaspheming comments on social media from Kenyans.

One twitter user wrote.


Another person wrote :


A 3rd person wrote:


And the 4th person wrote :