As the stage gets set for the grilling of controversial Independent Investigator Paul O’Sullivan by the court, South Africans are reacting to the allegations trailing the investigator.

O’Sullivan’s appearance in court today should ease the pressure after he was granted a R10,000 bail.

The big question of the moment is who is Paul O’Sullivan? and are the allegations leveled against him tenable? judging from his professional antecedence in similar cases.

Paul O’Sullivan who has more than 37 years experience in law-enforcement and is considered one of the world’s leading security experts. Areas of expertise include, counter espionage, counter trafficking (drugs, weapons and human), as well as local law enforcement covering all aspect of syndicated crime, fraud, robbery and murder. He has worked on high profile cases that successfully brought Jackie Selebi, former head of Interpol and the South African Police Service, and Radovan Krejcir to book.

Having been accused of impersonating an Independent  Police Investigative Directorate officer during the directorate investigation into National police Commissioner, Lieutenant – General Khomotso Phahlane.

Although the Directorate head‚ Robert McBride‚ revealed to the Police Parliamentary Portfolio Committee how O’Sullivan’s arrest was an attempt to disrupt their investigation into Phahlane‚ was an act of intimidation and contravened the Act which governed the Directorate.

But despite the submission by McBride, there is the need to examine the appeal brought before the Pretoria court to ensure that the suspicion is adequately addressed. At the moment it might be difficult to hold brief for either of the party.