Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Emmanuel Blade Nzimande said he had been under a very serious pressure for the past 12 months.

Dr Nzimande said he was given a list of MK veterans, ordering him to hook them up with Higher Education Certificates and Diplomas by the president.

”To my surprise some of those veterans are only 30 years old, i refused to do it and since then, i have been under a very serious pressure.

”How can a 30-year-old be a veteran?” asked Blade.

”They even have the Minister of Basic Education involved, they told her to talk to me about it i still refused,” said Nzimande.

”You can’t award someone certificate because they are a bush mechanic or they were generals in Exile. You have to go to school to possess a certificated.

”The Minister of Basic Education is involved in a very sad situation right now. She will be giving away matric certificates. They said it’s a way of boosting the country literacy and  i think this is stupid, ” concluded Blade.

”By the time i refused their request, rumours came out that i will soon be axed. Lets wait and see how uneducated people will have certificates just to attain political heights,” concluded Minister Blade.